For those with the discipline To Get Results Get Started For those with the desire to be the best version of themselves Get Started For those with the drive to get more out of life Get Started For those who Refuse to be Average Get Started

For those with the discipline To Get Results Get Started For those with the desire to be the best version of themselves Get Started For those with the drive to get more out of life Get Started For those who Refuse to be Average Get Started

Do you want to train with experts?

They did too…

Who are Miyagi Fitness?

My name is Shane, head coach at Miyagi.

Over the 20 years that I have been in the fitness industry I have refined a system that is GUARANTEED to get you LEANER & STRONGER with less time in the gym,


That’s right.

This system is UNIQUE to MIYAGI and is what we have used to help 100’s of people look and feel like a younger version of themselves.

No BS.


But we are not your ’typical personal trainers’.


We are EXPERTS that ‘know their stuff’ but we are real people that you will have no problem relating to.

We drink beer.

We eat pizza.


That said, we are a TEAM of expert coaches that work together, to help people who REFUSE TO BE AVERAGE, to find their ‘mojo’ again.

Do you refuse to be average?

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No sale.

Are You:

  • Tired of starting health program only to stop and fail over and over again?
  • Wanting to work with a coach that ‘gets you’?
  • Looking for a method that will get you leaner and stronger without having to give up the cheese and wine?

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A healthy lifestyle is based on healthy habits and routines. The challenging part is beginning.

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The Miyagi Way

At Miyagi, we’re not here to sell you personal training…

We’re here to get you RESULTS!

The added benefit? We want to help you belong to something more than just a gym…

Join our community.

We are passionate about helping our clients create long-term changes that ultimately forge a legacy of health and fitness for their families.

The Miyagi Way is about getting the most out of your time and effort.

We focus on your goals and design and execute a well planned strategy to help you achieve them by using proven methods and an individualistic approach to empower you to be the best version of yourself.


Your goals decide everything that follows. Everything we do from this point will be to get you there.


To get you where you need to go, we must know where you are now. We start with a full body scan.


Exercises, meal plans, milestones. You give us the destination; we give you the path. You spend your energy on doing the work.

Miyagi Programs

Miyagi Process


Australia's Best Personal Training Service

Miyagi is more than an elite personal training service, it’s also a community of likeminded people that together create an environment that inspires you to greater levels of health and fitness.

Results Focused Fitness Coaching

Miyagi Fitness works with you to achieve your goals. Our coaches use results driven and scientifically founded methods to optimise your time and effort and empower you to be the best version of you.

Get The Most Out Of Your Time And Effort

We plan your nutrition and training tailored to your unique situation and goals. We dynamically adjust your program, responding to carefully measured results so your efforts are always optimised to bring the best results.

Fitness Coach Mentoring

Miyagi Fitness is dedicated to leading the way in personal training. If you are interested in becoming a premium fitness coach and assisting people in achieving their ambitions, Miyagi Fitness’ mentoring program is the right path for the most dedicated and passionate trainers.

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Before & After


Miyagi has helped my find the work / life balance that is so important to my career success!

My physical appearance has completely changed and so has my outlook to life. Training has now become enjoyable and an integral part of my everyday routine.

I see results, I look strong, I’m fit and I feel confident. I look and feel better in my late 30’s than I did throughout my 20’s!


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