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Miyagi Fitness’ personal trainers are Sydney CBD’s premier fitness coaches. From beginners to elite athletes, we help all our clients achieve their goals and get the most out of their time and effort.

Live At Your Full Potential

Our fitness coaches are not only concerned with improving your performance in the gym. Miyagi Fitness exists to empower busy professionals to become the best version of themselves. We aim to impact and improve your life on a large scale.

Leading the Industry

Miyagi Fitness standards are at the forefront of quality in the fitness coaching industry. Our coaches help our clients achieve the best results, using proven methods to support a result driven approach. We strive to raise the industry standards and mentor new fitness coaches so they can build successful careers helping people achieve their fitness goals.

Individual Focused

Miyagi Fitness considers every client individually. Each of our clients has a different body composition, metabolism, and reason for wanting to improve themselves. Our guidance and encouragement is tailored to each unique situation of every client.

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