Too often I hear and see fitness ‘role models’ living this unrealistic and unmaintainable lifestyle.

We are all human, and yes, I am a health and fitness coach and I will eat that cheese and drink that glass of wine on the weekend if I feel like it (In moderation of course!).

Why? Because lets face it – we all have busy and chaotic lives that you may need to unwind from! It’s normal, it’s okay and you are not a failure if you do.

So today, I wanted to keep it real with you and bust some myths on the health industry.

Myth Number 1: If you have one bad meal you will get fat and or die.

Let’s just think about it, how many meals / months / years and burgers did it take you to actually put all that extra weight on? Was it due to one meal?


Just like one workout won’t give you a six pack.

That’s the reality. Don’t beat yourself up if you cave in on one weekend. Life is meant to be for living with family and friends, socialising etc just keep it under control during the week to balance it out!

I am a strong believer in ‘enjoy everything in moderation’ because well, chocolate tastes good!

Myth Number 2: Supplements will get you shredded.

I’m sorry to break it to you but this is bulls**t.

Think of supplements as the icing on the cake. Once you have nailed a healthy mindset, changed your lifestyle habits and are killing it in your training sessions and eating an adequate and nutritionally balanced diet, then yes, maybe you can consider supplements but even then, they are not utterly necessary.

Taking a scoop of powder each day labeled a Fat Burner is not going to let you eat that triple cheese burger and burn an extra 2000 calories per day sitting on your arse.

So just stick to the basics as there are no quick fixes or cheats to getting lean. Consistency, a healthy diet, limited alcohol, adequate protein intake and training hard consistently is what it takes.

Myth Number 3: You need to train like Arnold to get like Arnold.

I sometimes hear “well I saw this guy on social media doing this awesome exercise so that means I need to do it too.”


You are not an athlete and not competing in the next Cross Fit games so sit down. Everyone is at different stages of their training.

You may have exercise selection limitations or just generally don’t need to train like that for what they want to achieve!

This is where a coach is important!

We understand the do’s and the don’ts on what a persons needs to do to achieve their targets.

A coach doesn’t just count the reps and sets but actually feels the burn and muscle growth with their client! (Not really but we do genuinely care!)

As a coach, I like to ensure my clients enjoy their journey and are educated along the way for long term lifestyle changes and exercise knowledge.

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