Leaner Stronger Project

Leaner Stronger Project is designed for an intermediate to advanced gym user that wants a challenge!

Take The 12+1 Week Challenge With Sydney’s No.1 Body Transformation Experts… And Discover How We Are Getting BUSY & TIME POOR Corporates In The Best Shape of Your life WITHOUT Having To Give Up Beer Or Wine

Do you want to train with experts?

They did too…

At Miyagi, we know that nothing significant EVER gets achieved without a timeline and a focus point to work towards.

So we have our very own 12+1 Week Challenge.


Before YOU start, in week one (the +1) we will take you through the process of a comprehensive physical performance testing so that we can then prescribe you the right level of training program to get you in THE BEST SHAPE of your life in the following 12 weeks time…

Additionally, we will take you through a STRATEGY SESSION to set out the plan for the 12 weeks of training.

In this strategy session, we will measure your baseline body composition and create your nutrition plan together.

Once we go through this testing phase, you’re ready to start the following week.

What makes this program different?

In 12+1 weeks time when you are ready to show the world your achievements, we will finish the training program with a photo shoot to capture your results on camera, forever!

Basically, to celebrate your hard work we’’ get the professional camera out for you!

You will work not only alongside expert coaches that will tailor your program for you, you will also do it with the support of our community and other people on the same journey.

We also know that for you to succeed, you will need as much support as you can get!

So you will have 24/7 access to our Miyagi Fitness Facebook community to keep you accountable and to push you through the hard times.

Before & After

Kristina Kang

I have Lost 11kg of Body fat In 12 Weeks!

I’d list without hesitation my signing up with Miyagi as one of the top 3 smartest investments I made in my life, and hope many more people like me will get go through a similar transformation experience that may be life-changing. It’s definitely been worth it.


I’m in my 40’s and now feel super fit!

I was in my early 40’s when I noticed I was pretty out of shape and tired all the time. I decided it was time to do something about it but really had no idea where to start.

Luckily for me I met the team from Miyagi Fitness at my gym and with their knowledgeable guidance I’m now in the best shape of my life. I honestly feel like I’m 25 again, Miyagi Fitness has become part of my life.

If you’re looking for a no nonsense, straight forward approach to achieving long term fitness and wellbeing, I’d definitely recommend the Miyagi team.


Are you:

  • Tired of working your butt off in the gym but never REALLY seeing any results that are worthy of your efforts?
  • Have you tried to do it alone only to fail and fall off the bandwagon a few weeks in?
  • Are you serious about losing up to 8kg of STUBBORN body fat whilst putting on some lean muscle?


Can you:

  • Commit to yourself and your goals for a 12+1 week of training and nutrition program?
  • See yourself ‘doing what it takes’ to achieve your goals for that short period?
  • See yourself taking action now and making this possible by investing time, energy and money towards this and YOU?


Great, then you sound like who we are looking for!

Watch a testimonial video of what former clients have said about training with Miyagi

What You Get With This Program!

  • A synergised nutrition plan to complement your Miyagi training routine
  • 3 different training program phases over the 12 weeks of the challenge specifically designed for you!
  • 3 x 1 hr private personal training sessions per week to push you harder than you could yourself!
  • Fortnightly body composition testing to assess your progress and results to inspire you to keep going
  • A Miyagi Leaner Stronger eBook to help you get started the Miyagi Way!
  • Access to the Miyagi Fitness Facebook Support Group
  • Access to exercise tutorial videos on our Facebook Group
  • Live Q&A’s on our Facebook Group with experts
  • Unlimited email and phone support with your personal coach
  • Discounted food catered and delivered to you by Food4Fitness
  • Discounted DEXA scans at Measure Up in the Sydney CBD
  • A world class photo shoot experience to finish off the 12 Week Challenge!

Benefits Of Joining This Program!

Not all program are created equal!

We are EXPERTS that specialise in helping everyday Australian’s transform their bodies and lives with simple and easy to follow strategies.

You’ll still be able to eat cheese.

Drink wine.

Have the occasional beer…


Of course you will need to have days that you can’t but we will create a program that still allows you to live (even for the 12 weeks believe it or not!)

By joining this program you will experience:
  • A major decrease in stubborn body fat that will make you look and feel 10 years younger!
  • A significant increase in lean muscle mass that will tone up all those flabby bits that have plagued you for years!
  • A noticeable increase in energy levels that will have you bouncing around through your day!
  • A huge increase in general strength that will give you the confidence to take up that hobby that you have been avoiding now for years!

Sounds like what you want?

“APPLY” now by hitting the button below and we’ll book you in for a discovery session to determine if you qualify for this particular program.

Before & After


Training with Miyagi has changed my life!

Results Results Results. I have been training with the Miyagi team for several years now. I have found that being accountable to a totally bespoke program has changed my life. The holistic approach they provide ranging from fitness and training to diet and motivation means I have nailed my personal, physical, lifestyle and business goals. I have gone from having a waist girth of 99.5cm to now only 80cm!


I went from 26% body fat to 20% body fat by dropping 4.5kg of fat and keeping all my muscle in 12 weeks!

As a busy professional with children, I used to find it hard to fit training into my day, but the coaching and discipline that I receive from the team at Miyagi enable me to achieve my fitness goals everyday.

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