Miyagi Kickstart Program

The Miyagi 12 Week Kickstart Program is designed to help a novice gym user start their health and fitness journey in the RIGHT WAY to ensure that they reach their goals safely and effectively.

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At Miyagi we know that the biggest challenge you will face is in creating new habits and often the hardest thing is to JUST START the journey. In this program our focus is to help you Kickstart your health and fitness journey with lots of support and points of contact with your coach and additional online community support.

What makes this program different?

We will take you through a thorough assessment process to figure out what you are currently capable of doing so that we can create a program for you that is at the right level.

Once we start training, we will progress you slowly and at the right pace for you. Our coaches are EXPERTS at this.

What You Get With This Program!

  • A focused start up training phase that has us holding your hand every step of the way
  • A lifestyle overhaul started by our Goal Setting Session with your personal coach
  • A synergised nutrition plan with a dietician to complement your Miyagi training routine
  • 3 different training program phases over the first 12 weeks of the Miyagi Kickstart Program specifically designed for you
  • 2 - 3 private personal training sessions per week with your personal coach
  • Fortnightly body composition testing to assess your progress so that we know we are on the right track
  • A Miyagi eBook to help you get started the Miyagi Way
  • A Miyagi starter pack with a: back pack, towel, water bottle, t-shirt and a hat!
  • Access to the Miyagi Fitness Facebook Support Group
  • Access to over 400+ exercise tutorial videos
  • Unlimited email and phone support with your personal coach
  • Discounted food catered and delivered by Food4Fitness
  • Discounted DEXA scans at Measure Up

Before & After


I went from 26% body fat to 20% body fat by dropping 4.5kg of fat and keeping all my muscle in 12 weeks!

As a busy professional with children, I used to find it hard to fit training into my day, but the coaching and discipline that I receive from the team at Miyagi enable me to achieve my fitness goals everyday.


Training with Miyagi has changed my life!

Results Results Results. I have been training with the Miyagi team for several years now. I have found that being accountable to a totally bespoke program has changed my life. The holistic approach they provide ranging from fitness and training to diet and motivation means I have nailed my personal, physical, lifestyle and business goals. I have gone from having a waist girth of 99.5cm to now only 80cm!

Benefits Of Joining This Program!

Sometime the hardest step we will take will be the first one. Why? Because of so many reasons, but one of the reasons tends to be because of fear.

People fear failure. Have you tried and failed a fitness kick before? Most gym goes have failed more times then they can count. What this tends to do is decrease self confidence and discourages that person from having another go.

The good news is that we are EXPERTS that specialise in helping everyday Australian’s transform their bodies and lives with simple and easy to follow strategies. By joining this program you will experience:

  • A new lease on life and gain the confidence you will need to make the necessary changes in your life
  • A major decrease in stubborn body fat that will make you look and feel 10 years younger!
  • A significant increase in lean muscle mass that will tone up all those flabby bits that have plagued you for years!
  • A noticeable increase in energy levels that will have you bouncing around through your day!
  • A huge increase in general strength that will give you the confidence to take up that hobby that you have been avoiding now for years!

Before & After


I have reduced body fat, increased my fitness levels, adopted new healthy habits and put on some much wanted muscle and I now feel great.


I now a fit & strong dad and husband! Thanks Miyagi

I’ve been training with Miyagi since we had my first child. Being a busy dad, Miyagi has kept me motivated and pushed me to improve my physical health which I would have otherwise placed lower on my priority list.

I have managed to put muscle on a strip body fat taking 8cm off my waist without having to spend hours in the gym.

I would recommend Miyagi to anyone who wants wants to improve their physical and mental well being.

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A healthy lifestyle is based on healthy habits and routines. The challenging part is beginning. Take the first step and book now.