The Miyagi Philosophy

The Miyagi way is a training philosophy built around working smarter to optimise results.


Our coaches will guide you through getting the most out of every moment you put in to avoid wasting time and effort.

We focus on your strength, performance, and weight goals.

By training with us, you will achieve your goals with maximum efficiency through science and planning… And enjoy the process.

Our promise?

We won’t bore you to death.

You will enjoy showing up.

Do you want to train with experts?

They did too…

Our Daily Email Tips Will Help You For These Reasons

They make sense!
They work in creating REAL results
They are designed for REAL people


Getting results takes discipline, but it’s easier when science is working out with you.

Miyagi is the expert at your side.

We commit to understanding your goals and to applying the latest research and to keeping your diet and training programs in sync.

We commit to celebrating your achievements, then adapting your training to reflect them.

Doing the training is easier when it’s done the Miyagi way.


Your coach wants you to succeed. You want to succeed. Together, you are an unstoppable force.


Every workout involves two minds and one goal: to make every moment count. With Miyagi there is no wasted effort.


Training fails when diet and exercise are out of sync with progress and goals. Constant review and program adjustment are where Miyagi excels.

Goal Driven

Every decision depends on your goals. We begin by clearly defining your goals and then dedicate ourselves to working with you to achieve them.

Meticulously Planned

Based on your unique goals and body scan results, we design the most efficient path for you. With a Miyagi Fitness coach, all of your effort will be directed towards your goal.

Science Based

Achieving goals optimally means understanding your starting point and dynamically responding to results to focus on what works for you. We measure your starting point and continuing results with a full body scan. Knowing your exact body composition and resting metabolic rate allows your coach to create a unique program designed for your body and your goals.

Coaching And Accountability

Miyagi fitness coaches are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Having a set appointment time to show up to can make all the difference. Regular training and monitoring of your diet is essential to achieving your fitness goals. Once you turn up, your coach will be there to make sure you get the most out of your time.

Before & After

Kristina Kang

I have Lost 11kg of Body fat In 12 Weeks!

I’d list without hesitation my signing up with Miyagi as one of the top 3 smartest investments I made in my life, and hope many more people like me will get go through a similar transformation experience that may be life-changing. It’s definitely been worth it.

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