The Miyagi Process

Science-based programs as individual as fingerprints. No wasted effort. Goals achieved.

Why Choose Us

At Miyagi, our reason for doing what we do is simple.
Passion drives us.

We want to see lives change and to see people transform and become the BEST version of themselves.

We want to see people experience greater levels of confidence and happiness as a result of training with us.

Sound like what you want?

We are not here just to ’train you’, we want to help you create a legacy of health and fitness for years to come for those that you love.

At Miyagi, we have brought back the passion to the fitness industry and a level of class and dedication unrivalled by our competitors.

Do you want to train with experts?

They did too…

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They make sense!
They work in creating REAL results
They are designed for REAL people


The Miyagi process begins and ends with you.

No two people are the same.

People do not have the same goals, the same starting points, the same metabolisms, or the same responses to exercises.

You will waste effort unless your program takes everything into account, from your physical make-up through to your diet and into your workouts.

If you do not maintain focus in the gym, or you do not do each repetition optimally, you will waste effort.

Sound familiar?

Miyagi makes sure you get the maximum return on your investment.


A DEXA scan maps your exact body composition and your resting metabolic rate, so your program will be as individual as a fingerprint.


Your program will include a meal plan and a workout plan. We do the thinking so that you can concentrate on the work.


Your coach will be with you every step of the way, guiding, pushing, checking-in. We succeed only because you do.

Before & After

Emma Armstrong

I went from 26% body fat to 20% body fat by dropping 4.5kg of fat and keeping all my muscle in 12 weeks!

As a busy professional with children, I used to find it hard to fit training into my day, but the coaching and discipline that I receive from the team at Miyagi enable me to achieve my fitness goals everyday.


Training with Miyagi has changed my life!

Results Results Results. I have been training with the Miyagi team for several years now. I have found that being accountable to a totally bespoke program has changed my life. The holistic approach they provide ranging from fitness and training to diet and motivation means I have nailed my personal, physical, lifestyle and business goals. I have gone from having a waist girth of 99.5cm to now only 80cm!

Clear the way to be more.