Have You Ever Heard The Saying “How You Start The Day Will Often Determine How You Finish Your Day!” Well You Have Now! If You Want To Win The Day, You Need To Start By Winning In Your Head As Soon As You Get Wake Up!

When I speak to successful people about what made them successful, most often what seems to be the common theme is that they speak about their mindset, their head space or the internal language that they work hard cultivate on a daily basis.

Notice how I wrote “work hard to cultivate”? Because it often requires some effort and some awareness or emotional intelligence to be self aware of what is going on internally.

Because as we know, if you’re in the business of personal training trials will come, things will go wrong, people will let you down, you will not convert every lead that comes your way and sometimes things will metaphorically explode!

So how do we keep pushing on towards the goals you ask when things are getting tough? How do we overcome the difficult moments and stay focused on the fitness business dream when things seem to be falling apart around us?

Let’s begin to explore what needs to change for you to start to win the battle of life and come out on top, not only just at work and in our careers, but also being able to live happier whilst working towards reaching the goals we have set out to achieve from the beginning.

The Morning Ritual 

How you start the day is so vital to your success. Have you ever watched a final of the 100m sprint in the olympics? These guys are pumped, pacing forward and back, mentally working through every aspect of what needs to happen over the next 10s to go as fast they THEY can.

Not only are they ultra focused in that moment, but what you haven’t seen is what goes on from the moment they open their eyes that morning.

I guarantee you that the best athletes have a routine that is so precise that every aspect of what they do is pre-planned.

They would eat the same breakfast, have the same morning warn up routine before they race, they would play the mental movie of them running and WINNING that race over an over in their head to get them ready to perform at the highest level possible.

Why? Because autosuggestion is a powerful tool. Autosuggestion works by placing ideas into your subconscious and making it believe they are true. By talking and thinking about how you’re going to win the day at the start of the day will prepare you to do so.

In addition to that, your behaviours and levels of productivity will follow suit to ensure you do what is necessary to make the goals you have set become achievable.

Now, obviously only one person can win that race but every person can achieve a PERSONAL best time!

But the key here is how they prepare their headspace to achieve a PERSONAL best time.

Successful people prepare themselves to win the day by having a structured morning ritual that gets them ready and prepared to perform at the highest level they can that day.

Here’s three things you can do every morning and make part of your MORNING RITUAL to prepare you to WIN the day and form your new morning ritual:

  1. Write Down Your Financial And Life Goals Every Morning

Writing down your financial and life goals puts your goals front of mind. It reminds you what it’s all about and why it’s crucial that today you show up as THE BEST VERSION OF YOU.

Because to reach your goals, just showing up physically is not enough, you have to SHOW UP emotionally with intent and purpose.

If you don’t write your goals down, you’re likely to get complacent and not see that day as a important piece of the puzzle to reaching your goals. You may show up without SHOWING UP!

Have you ever watched a star athlete have a bad performance? And you think, “Damn, he/she didn’t SHOW UP today!”?

I mean, they are on the field but they might as well not have been! People go to work everyday, but most people don’t go to work to prosper every day, they don’t SHOW UP! Most people go to work dis-engaged, un-motivated and un-inspired and then wonder why they live ordinary lives.

Writing down your goals every morning will get your head in the game and make sure you SHOW UP more than physically. To win the day, you have to be ready to do WHATEVER it takes to move that 1 step closer to reaching your goals, for that to happen we must have a clear INTENTION for the day!

I like to write down my goals for the next 12 months every morning. Doing this drives me forward and gets me battle ready.

  1. Write Down Your Gratitudes

What’s the point of success and money if you’re miserable? Your own internal language can be your own biggest enemy as it can be you biggest ally. If you have lots of negative and self defeating talk going on in your head at the start of the day, it is going to be virtually impossible for you to win the day and SHOW UP.

It’s too easy to focus on what you DON’T have and to not think about what you actually DO have!

A practical and great way to change you internal language is to start to develop some “happy habits”.

Happy habits are a way for us to re-program our brains to look for the positive things in life and not the negative things. We are all so well programmed to look at the glass as half empty, to look for what we don’t have. What about what we actually do have? The good things? Having a positive outlook that views that proverbial glass as half full is so powerful in helping you create the life you really want. 

One of the most primal needs we all share is the need and desire to be happy. When we are unhappy, emotionally unbalanced or not centred with our purpose in life, nothing works and everything suffers as a result. One of the biggest victims often is our health.

Research shows that people that are happy and that have a positive internal language experience the following;

  • they have fewer strokes
  • they experience less pain and inflammation
  • they have greater immune function and more resistance to viruses
  • they develop more resilient personalities and handle adversity better
  • they have better work performance and more professional success
  • they have more fulfilling and longer-lasting marriages
  • they have larger and more active social lives
  • they are more involves in their communities and are more outward focused
  • they are more financial successful
  • they live longer

The main point is, success doesn’t come before happiness, happiness comes before success and wellness follows.

So what are the happy habits then?

  1. a) Each morning, in addition to writing down your goals write down three things that you’re grateful for. Three different things everyday, this will condition your brain to hunt for positives in your life.
  2. b) Journaling for two minutes a day about one positive experience will help you to focus further on the positives and the “win” for the day. Be detailed, this will cause your brain to re-experience that event over again
  3. c) Meditate and get in the moment. It doesn’t need to be fancy needed, just stop, relax and watch your breathing go in and out of your diaphragm for about two minutes. This gets your brain to focus on the moment, the now and away from negativity.


  1. Write Down Your Big Rock Tasks To Complete For The Day

Having a clear agenda for the day will make you much more productive! The trick is to not get overwhelmed with all the little things on the “to do” list and get nothing done.

Figure out what tasks are the most important, the big rocks! The things that if you complete today will advance your business the most.

I’d recommend making a list of three big rocks and focusing on one at a time. New research on productivity is showing that there is power in less. Focusing on one thing at a time will make you more productive and efficient.

For the greatest efficiency and for the time Ninjas, estimate the amount of time each task will take, allocate the appropriate amount of time to get the task done.

One other time Ninja trick is to turn off all Wifi connectivity so that you’re not distracted throughout the process of completing the task you’re working on. In addition to that place all devices on silent including your phone(s) to really get and stay in the ZONE!

Allocate time in your diary for dealing with emails so that you are not spread thin and don’t get distracted by the little rocks! 

So to finish off, you now know that a morning ritual can make all the difference.

Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviour. Keep your behaviour positive because your behaviour becomes your habits. Keep your habits positive be cause your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become YOUR DESTINY.

Mahatma Gandhi

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