The 5 Qualities Of Men That Will Get LEANER & STRONGER

We all want to be LEANER & STRONGER…

Rare is the man in his 40’s who has not failed at some stage to meet a health or fitness goals


Achieving a LEANER & STRONGER physique can be complicated

It involves many factors

The reasons for failure are usually straightforward though

I get it…

There’s so many different opinions out there on ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t’ work…

The way I see it amigo?

There are five qualities you must have to reach your goals of being LEANER & STRONGER.

1. Be Prepared To Change

If you are not where you want to be in terms of your weight, strength or performance… you will have to make a change to something


The further you are from where you want to be, the greater the change must be

Without mentally accepting that something has to change, your physical readiness is irrelevant


When you are open to the change and learning, you’re on the road to finding the solution

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2. Willingness To Accept Expert Help

Losing a kilo of weight is not hard mate

Just cut out ‘carbs’ for a day or sit in a sauna for an hour and your body will do the rest…

Trust me,

Any moron personal trainer can guide you to achieve that bro-amigo

Reaching MEANINGFUL RESULTS like losing body fat and gaining lean mass… takes EXPERTISE if you want to do it efficiently and without damage to your health

You must have a strategy,

And adjust your workouts and your diet at every milestone to keep your body moving forward

These things are not simple and if you don’t do them well, you’ll waste your efforts

= crap return on your investment

The more effort you waste, the greater your risk of demotivation and giving up

Sound familiar?

“A few exercises to get you started” will not help you chachi

Not every exercise suits every goal or every person

And less is often more

Too much haste and not enough rest invite injury

Too few calories and you risk metabolic damage, making it hard ever to lose weight

Working with the right coach means never having to doubt you are on track

“I lost 8kg of fat and put on a whopping 6kg of muscle. I honestly feel like I’m 25 again!”

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3. Acceptance Of Yourself

You are UNIQUE

Now I don’t mean that you’re ‘special’ like your mom told you princess…

I mean that your current physical capacity, your weaknesses and medical history all should form part of the critical factors when planning your program and nutrition

So why follow some exercises that your mate gave you 3 years ago?

Or some generic nutrition plan from ‘mens health’?

Have you ever thought that perhaps there are optimal exercises for what you are trying to achieve?

Or that perhaps there is a diet that will get you to your goal quicker than the others WITHOUT having to give up the beers and wine?


The best diet is not the latest one… It is the one you can stick to over time and consistently


But if you hate the exercises and dislike the food, you will hate the process and stop showing up eventually

Your goals are your goals…

And the right way to achieve them is the way that is right for you.

“I have lost over 10 kilos of body fat, put on 4 kilos of muscle, and feel fitter than I did in my 20s!”

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4. Walk Before You Run

Just 10% inefficiency in the execution of a program means you are completely wasting your time in one gym session out of 10

Do you have time to waste?

I bet you don’t…

People who follow self-prescribed programs often miss the zone of maximum results

They push too hard, or they don’t push hard enough

Getting the RIGHT BALANCE is everything,

Go too hard and you burn out…

Don’t go hard enough and you become demotivated by a lack of results

(From experience most guys start way too hard and end up doing damage because they are too busy training their EGO instead of their bodies!)

We all need a little coaching from time-to-time

Walk first

Then getting ready to run señor!

“I look and feel better in my late 30’s than I did throughout my 20’s!”

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5. An Understanding Of Your Health

Your path to LEANER STRONGER body is unique to you

It starts with a complete understanding of your health and your baseline measurements

You cannot navigate to a specific place if you don’t know where you’re starting from


When you join our LEANER STRONGER PROJECT we will perform the following tests:

a) Movement screening to assess your posture and movement literacy

b) Strength test to measure not just what you’re strong at…but what your weaknesses are so we can fix them first

c) Cardiovascular test to measure your ‘fitness’ level so we can plan forward

d) Skin fold assessment to measure your current body fat

e) Assess your lifestyle factors and nutrition to help you improve the habits that will ultimately make the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE


To plan what happens first specifically for you

Sound good?

And lastly…

We focus on regular re-assessments to measure your progress so that we can continue to map out with accuracy what your next phase of training should be

Even though the path to being LEANER & STRONGER must be your own, you will walk it faster with a guide

I am WORLD CLASS at helping men get LEANER & STRONGER

Are you ready to join us?

If yes?

Email me directly on with the subject line “LEANER STRONGER”… And i’ll send you the details on how we can get started together

I’d love to work with you

Shane “world class” Da Costa

The holistic approach they provide ranging from lifestyle, fitness and training to diet and motivation means I have nailed my personal, physical, lifestyle and business goals.”

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