Do You Want To Experience Greater Levels Of Success In Your Life And Career? Are You Sick Of Being Average? Do You Want To Know What You Can Do That Will Increase Your Chances Of Attracting Massive Levels Of Success In Your Life?

Have you ever looked at a personal trainer that is succeeding in their business and thought “That lucky bastard! Look at them go, they’re killing it!”? Often when we see someone that is succeeding, we’re too quick to label them ‘lucky’. You know why? Because this forms part of our internal justification for our laziness and lack of effort.

Little do we know about the countless hours they have dedicated to doing the necessary daily tasks to get them into a position where they are open and receptive to opportunities coming their way as a result of their hard work.

There’s and old saying that goes “the harder I work, the luckier I get!” The truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as an ‘over night success’ story. The reality is that these individuals have devoted themselves to their careers and committed themselves 100% to their goals and dreams. They have been working away while everyone else was playing.

It’s what you don’t see them do that makes them great. It’s what they do when no one is watching that gives them the edge over their competition. Success doesn’t really happen by mistake. It’s a result of perfect planning, commitment to execution and an unwillingness to accept “no” for an answer that gets them over the line in the end.


We live in an age where “instant gratification” is our expectation… We want it now and on our terms!

We want it all without actually having to pay the price to get it. Young personal trainers telling themselves that they’re going to be the next Instagram sensation or talking about wanting to earn over $100k a year with no experience… oh and that they don’t want to work too hard! Really? Hard to believe? This is more and more common sadly.

News flash! Nothing good is created over night, it takes relentless hard work and dedication to break through in the fitness industry these days. In a market that is becoming more and more competitive by the day, you as a service provider need to be better and better to stand out from the pack. You have to break the trance that people are in.

You have to be prepared to go the extra mile and to do what your competition is NOT willing to do!

Over the years what I have seen is that personal trainers often gravely underestimate what it’s going to take to succeed in the fitness industry. Getting this wrong makes them very vulnerable to jumping ship often too early.

Add to this a lack of solid work ethic with a lack of professionalism and there is a recipe for failure right there.

The questions you need to ask yourself are…

  1. How much do you REALLY want it?
  1. What are you PREPARED to do to get it?
  1. How much rejection can you HANDLE before you give up on your dreams?

Unless failure is NOT an option for you, you will not succeed. Obstacles will come in your way and you will get resistance. Are your dreams worth the pain?

Are You Doing “Just Enough”?

Over the years in the industry, i’ve seen personal trainers that do “just enough” to survive, “just enough” to achieve average levels of success and do “just enough” to service their clients… These days that is just not enough. Client expectations are higher than ever.

Unless you commit to massive levels of actions, you will not gain the momentum necessary to start to really push your fitness business forward. You will always be in a “one step forwards, one step backwards” situation with your business.

I think personal trainers that are doing “just enough” is often due to the fact that they haven’t really deeply connected with their purpose. Their driving force. Their reason for pushing and striving in life. Having clarity about your “why” is vital to creating the necessary clarity to drive and inspire you to do whatever it takes to make sure you hit your targets…

So, what is your purpose?

And it NEEDS to be deeper than money. Money alone wont be able to really inspire you. It needs to be attached to a higher meaning, a deeper reason. Money alone has no value. It’s the reason we want the money that will inspire us to dig deep when the going gets tough. Resistance will come, but persistence to keep pushing will come with knowing and connecting with your “why” on a deeper level.

“Persistence overs resistance every time”

So, why do you want more success and money?

Spend sometime writing down your purpose for seeking success, this is one of the most powerful exercises you will ever do for you business. Write these down and put them somewhere where you can see them everyday. You will need to be reminded of these everyday.

Taking Your Fitness Business To The Next Level

Now that you know that you need to identify your reason and your ”why” first, what happens next? Very simple, it’s time to get into gear and start grinding away with MASSVE levels of actions. Notice that I didn’t say just action? Why? Because we need to do more than “just enough” remember.

We need to create noise to make sure that we stand out and that EVERYONE knows who we are and what we do! The challenge is to be heard, to get your message out there… Obscurity is your enemy.

Let’s explore some of the practical tips that will help you get moving forward and to help you start to create more attention for your fitness business today 

  1. Commit to greater levels of actions!

Whatever you have been doing up to this point, the chances are that it has not been enough so it is only logical that you need to do more if you want more. But more of what exactly?

Time attention – The biggest mistake I see personal trainers make is that they have no control over their time. A lack of structure to their days makes them very disorganised and causes them to waste a lot of time. Time is money in personal training after all.

Did you know that time is the ONLY non-renewable resource in this world? Waste time and you will NEVER get it back, you have missed out on income and an opportunity to advance towards your goals.

Create a schedule for yourself, your “perfect day” schedule that starts with the end in mind. First work out how much you want to earn per year. Then break that down into how much you will need to earn for the month, the week and then each day. This will make it practical and easy for you to know how many sessions you will need to do everyday to hit your targets.

Also include in your weekly schedule time for: personal things, your own training, study time, administration, phone calls, emails, social media posting etc.

“Control time, control your life”

Networking – Personal training is a people game. You have to meet more people if you want to attract more people. Look for business networking opportunities, speak to as many people as you can at your gym, connect on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others and become a thought leader.

I have a saying “You’re a ‘hello’ away from meeting a new client! Say hello to as many people as you can. This is still the best icebreaker in the world.

Floor prospecting – Getting out into the gym floor is one of the most important things you can do regularly as a personal trainer. It gives you the ability to meet people.

Let’s face it, everyone training on the gym floor needs a coach on some level… the question is, are you prepared to get out there and help them with their training which will show them enough potential value in working with you that you can take them from a “lead” status to a paying client?

The trick here is not just to do it for 15 minutes, the trick is to do it for large parts of your day and be totally committed to not leaving that floor until you get the job done.

Writing a blog – Blogs are a great way to get your voice and message out there. Some people like watching tutorial videos, some people like listening to podcasts and some people like reading blogs!

It gives you the chance to educate your reader about why they need you to solve whatever problem they’re facing.

I think the trick here though is if your competition is writing 1 blog a month write 10! Put so much quality content out there that you easily become the market leader, the thought leader and the dominant professional in that your space.

Filming exercise videos – As a person trainer, you have to have content. These days video is king. Not only will this attract lots of attention but it establishes you as the expert in your field.

Do as many videos as you can, my suggestion is setting aside some time every week just for this or I prefer to commit one Saturday a month to just filming exercise videos so that I can continue to grow my video library of exercises to use for marketing and client related education.

Social media posts – Business’ these days either thrive because of the social media platforms or they die and fade away due to a lack of presence on the main social media hang outs. Think of them like another website for your business, these one are just more interactive!

The trick here is to build an audience that follows you and wants to hear what you have to say. Posting regularly is crucial for traction. When posting, make sure that what you are posting is congruent with your overall message, targeted content towards your avatar and in line with your business values.

  1. Commit tirelessly!

People these days don’t seem to be as prepared to work the long hours and to sacrifice things to get what they want… perhaps our societies have softened us with the modern day benefits of being able to find whatever we want a click of a button, order whatever we want from the internet to arrive at our homes without getting out of bed and or getting the perfect partner by scrolling and flicking right on our latest dating app.

We are not as battle hardened these days. Often the smallest obstacle or hint of resistance people give up and change directions. Nothing great will ever be achieved with that approach. You have to be committed all the way and prepared to do “whatever it takes” and with a tireless approach, never giving up and never willing to accept “no” for an answer.

If you don’t have time, make it. If you don’t have time during the week, work on weekends then!

  1. Commit all that you have!

Often due to fear of failure I see people attempt to make it in personal training with a half hearted effort. Probable because they fear failure. If they fail, they will be able to then say that “I have other things going for me”.

Having a half hearted attitude and approach to your business will only give you half the result(s). You have to be ALL IN! Put everything on the line. Identify your strengths, use them to their full potential and give it all you got. Be all in.

“Better to have failed trying than failing to try.”

Give it a crack! Devote time, energy and money to being better and doing more with all that is available to you and watch how eventually you will breakthrough.

  1. Commit to being the best you can be!

Why would you not show up every day as the BEST version of yourself? Why would you not put your BEST foot forward? Why would you not work towards perfecting your craft?

Remember the “just enough” mentality we spoke about earlier? That is what society tells you is enough. F that! Be more. Do more. F average.

Everyone in your life that has helped you be who you are today did that so that you could be great. They didn’t sacrifice for you to be “just good enough”. They did it so that you could be amazing at whatever you wanted to do.

Commit to everyday showing up with intention and purpose, 100% committed and devoted to being better than yesterday.

Are you a PT wanting to take your career to the next level? Do you want to learn how to become a WORLD class professional PT? A super coach of the future?

If you answered “Yes” then APPLY today at today


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