Do You Ever Show Up Somewhere In Person But You Are Not Wanting To Be There? Then When You Don’t Achieve Your Goals, Who Do You Blame? When Things Don’t Quite Work Out The Way You Wanted Them To, Do You Then Wonder If Perhaps You Were Responsible For The Outcome Because Of Your Attitude?

Every single day we all have a choice, that choice is to decide what version of us we will SHOW UP as on that given day.

The thing is, just showing up physically is enough for some people but to succeed in the world of personal training you have to SHOW UP emotionally too with the right INTENTION and DESIRE to achieve big things.

Success won’t happen by mistake.

Showing up actually means that you are present, that you are focused and that you are ready for business. It also means that you have shown up as the BEST VERSION of yourself with all that you have to give on that day and in that moment.

Doing this and approaching life like this will ensure that at the end of the day, when you look back at your days on this planet you can say…

“Well, I give it a good old crack! I couldn’t have done anymore”

Now there are only ever three choices we have, three versions of us that we get to choose from…

You can choose:

  1. To show up as a SHIT version of yourself and achieving nothing.
  2. To show up as an AVERAGE version of yourself and achieve just enough.
  3. To show up as a GREAT version of yourself and reach your full potential.

…there is nothing else, but make no mistake that everyday you get to decide.

Obviously what you decide will determine the level of success you achieve or don’t achieve in this life and in your business, but ultimately that level of success is a direct correlation to what VERSION of you showed up on that day.

Now I said “that day”. Yes. Because every day is important. There may actually not be a tomorrow. You may think “so what, today I’m going to show up as a shit version, take it easy, sit back, chill out a little and cruise… no big deal! She’ll be right mate”

But will she?

Is that attitude really ok?

Is it really no big deal that you wasted a day and decided to show up as a shit and unproductive version of you?

See that attitude tells me everything about how you are wired and how your brain ticks…

Wether you know it or not you have conditioned your brain to allow for shit or average levels of performance, for shit or an average attitude and shit and average results to become acceptable and normal in your life.

You’re telling yourself that it is ok. How sad.

But here’s the thing, what will you tell your future self when he / she asks why they don’t have what they need and want in life?

What excuse will you come up with then to explain to your future self why he / she has to live the rest of their days counting their pennies and looking for sales coupons at Woolworths to buy the Christmas ham every year?

Your future self is depending on you right now.

What Needs To Change First

To really achieve great levels of success, the first thing that needs to happen is you need to develop a deep seeded hatred for average things, for the average life, for the average business, for the average income because this hatred is what will drive you forward and inspire and motivate you to operate at the levels necessary to build your dream business.

You have to get ride of your stinking thinking and make average unacceptable in anything that you do in your life wether it be in business, relationships, sport or study…

The other day, one of my clients asked me “What is your personal mantra!?” That was a GREAT question because it really got me thinking…

I responded with “If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it well and to the BEST of your ability!” In other words, give it all that you have and do it to the BEST of your ability every time and all the time.

Let’s explore the three options that you have everyday with how you will SHOW UP

The Shit Version Of You

This version is easy visible to everyone.

This version of you shows up dis-interested, un-inspired, un-motivated, tired, beat down, lethargic, negative, unwilling to learn and apply themselves in any area of their business.

This version of you though more than likely knows that they are shit but have resigned to the fact that this is how it is and that is their lot in life for some reason.

This version of you will live a miserable life relying on others to provide for what they need to just scrape by through this life.

The Average Version Of You

This version is not so easy to see and is not visible to everyone.

This version of you shows up half interested, half inspired and maybe willing to do some tasks, half motivated to get things done within a reasonable timeframe, may just have enough energy to focus for 2 hours a day with some intention between meal breaks, occasionally willing to push through low level rejection and resistance to seek out another opportunity, quasi-positive as long as things go their way, semi-willing to learn and apply themselves harder in any area of their business that is failing.

This version of you though more than likely doesn’t know that they are average, this version is doing just enough to fly under the radar and get by in life without really trying.

This version is content to be average and have an average existence. This version has bought the lie that has been fed to them by society that success only happens to the “lucky” people and won’t accept that they have the power to change their future.

This version has given up pushing and wanting for more in life and will live in denial for the rest of their days with their average thinking that will give them an average existence.

This version is the worst of them all. Average and in denial.

The Great Version Of You

This version is very visible to everyone. You can’t miss it. Why? Because this version of you shows up:

  • Completely interested and fully committed
  • Totally inspired and willing to do every task that comes their way to the best of their ability
  • Fully motivated to get things done and completed within an unreasonable timeframe, in other words to exceed expectations
  • Grateful for every opportunity that comes their way
  • Completely focused for the day ahead with real intent having already written down their goals for the day, reviewed their financial goals to remind them of what it’s all for
  • Very willing to push through rejection and high level resistance to then seek out further opportunities for business
  • Ultra positive even when things don’t go their way and always looking for the lesson that needed to be learnt from that missed opportunity
  • Totally willing to learn at every opportunity from others more experienced than them and then apply themselves harder in any area of their business and life that are failing at that moment

This version of you won’t accept average outcomes in their life, It doesn’t mean that they are not happy in the moment, not enjoying the journey, it just means they are clear about where they are going and what they want in their life for them and their loved ones and they future self.

This version is doing what he / she can get attention and be noticed.

This version is happy in the pursuit of GREATNESS but unwilling to not go through life not having tried their veery best.

This version has rejected the lie that society created that success only happens to the “lucky” people, and won’t accept that they don’t have the power to change their future!

This version will NEVER give up pushing for more in life, striving for more, aiming to be better and refuses to reach the end of their days looking back in regret for not having SHOWN UP as the GREATEST version of themselves.

Who will you show up as everyday? What will you tell your future self? Choose now, but choose wisely.

At Miyagi, our mantra is that we are “Held To A Higher Standard!” All our coaches work harder than anyone else. Why? Because that is the environment we want to cultivate. An environment that rejects average and that “good is good enough.”

If you want to work around people striving for greatness visit today and APPLY at our careers page.


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