Are you A PT That Dreads Prospecting The Gym Floor? Do You Struggle To get The Motivation To get Out And help members In Your Gym? Not Sure How To Stand Out And Get Prospects to Notice You?

Floor prospecting is tough, it requires some thick skin but most of all it requires that you’re hungry for success. Before you hit that that floor, ask yourself these questions:

What is my purpose or my why?

Reminding yourself why you are a personal trainer and why you choose this industry will bring your feet back down to earth. 99% of personal trainers will say that they chose the fitness industry so that they could “help people” get healthier.

But yet, those same trainers are the first people to chose other tasks at the gym to avoid walking or prospecting the floor.

So, If that’s true, the next step will be VERY easy. Step onto the floor with the right attitude and intention and go out and help as MANY people as you can.

What is my driving force to be here?

Reminding yourself why you seek professional success will give you that little bit of extra motivation to persist even if it gets brutal out there! What drives you forward?

For me, it’s the desire to provide a beautiful life for my family.

I will push straight forward past any adversity to make this happen and to ensure that my family have everything that hey need. Will you?

Why you ask?

Because it’s my duty, responsibility and obligation to provide for them.

How will getting two new clients today change my financial situation over the next year?

Understanding how getting two new clients, that day that both sign up for two sessions per week each will affect your financial situation for the next year is very powerful. It makes the floor walking result tangible. It gives it context. There is nothing more motivating than real tangible context like numbers and figures.

Get your calculator out, type in the dollar figure that those 4 sessions would represents x 52 weeks of the year = a lot of money!

So what are they 3 attitudes that floor walking legends have?
They Show Up!

They show up with a “do whatever it takes” mentality and as the best version of themselves!

When coming to work or prospecting the gym floor, it’s not “good enough” to be physically present. That’s not enough. You must be emotionally and mentally present. Ready for action. Ready for game time.

People are drawn to energy, we’re trainers / coaches that are meant to be vibrant and meant to be motivators.

One of the main reasons that a prospect will hire you is to draw energy and motivation from you. If you walk round like a zombie do you think they will want to be around you? Do you think that they will want to pay you for motivation? The answer is a big fat no!

Attitude, confidence and presence are the qualities that will capture their attention. It’s about getting their attention. How will you stand out from the crowd from the dozens of others trainers in your gym all wearing the same uniform? Attitude! Confidence! Presence!

That gym floor is your stage, it’s your dance floor, it’s your office. Show up with intention.

No amount of “no” or unhappy gym patrons can overcome a “do what ever it takes” attitude that you carry on to the gym floor.

Your positivity will be your shield, your armour and your weapon against negative forces! Use it, use it as much as possible and you will win.

They Own The Stage!

They take responsibility for their business and financial future. they don’t blame anyone else but themselves if they don’t hit their targets.

Owning the stage is bigger than just a metaphor, it’s an attitude. It’s where you take control and responsibility for your business and life. There is no “take 2” in life, this is it. You either make your dreams come true or you don’t. You either be the star of the show or you can sit on the sidelines in life and watch other people build their dreams.

The choice is yours…

When you’re walking the floor and you meet someone, you help them and they say “i’ll get your card later and give you a buzz” what do you say?

Ok? Hope not! Wrong.

Own the stage! Your answer should be, “What i’ll do is even better than that, put your details in my phone, i’ll give you a call later on today and i’ll also send you an email with some great information about (whatever exercise you just helped them with that day). Own the stage!

They Know Who They Are! Who Are You?

They are confident in their worth and in their ability to help people live better!

People will NOT remember you because you hand them a business card! The business card will very likely end up in the bin. The only thing the person will remember is you, if you made a positive and powerful impression on them.

This is essential, you must show them your best self. This is your elevator pitch, your 30 seconds to shine!


Someone asks you on the gym floor:

Prospect: “What do you do?”

Your response: “Oh i’m a PT!”

Do you think they will remember you? No! You are just another brown cow now.

Someone else asks you on the gym floor:

Prospect: “What do you do?”

Your response: “I specialise in helping people transform their lives with cutting edge strategies to burn stubborn body fat whilst they sleep!”

Which person do you think they will remember?

No matter what, your goal is to create a lasting impression on the person you just met. Don’t rely or think that a business card will suffice.

It’s your hook! Your hook is what will get their attention. Make sure they remember you and that they want to go to the next step and sit down with you to discuss how it is that you can help them change their lives!

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