Now don’t get offended by the title, it’s actually meant as a compliment to women! Let me explain… I train both women and men all day, everyday. I see a lot of different capabilities for hours on end. The one thing I’ve noticed (on average) is how weak you females THINK you are.

Men are always acting like… well… Men. They approach each lift, each challenge with an unbeatable “I got this” attitude. They take more risks and sometimes think they are stronger than what they really are. Pretty standard male human behaviour to be honest.

Now, females of planet earth. In my opinion, you are the superior sex. You are capable of multitasking (something that still blows my mind), enduring extreme levels of pain (childbirth). You are the smarter sex… obviously. You can tap into superhuman strength if a loved one is in danger (baby under car), your bodies are put through a plethora of challenges (Period, pregnancy, menopause). Yet when I ask for push ups, it’s a struggle to get a set of 10 on your knees???

Eleanor Roosevelt said – “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water”

So my question… nay… my mission is to help you understand how strong you are and help you perform like you’re in hot water when ever you step foot in the gym. So back to the title… Women have the ability to do so much with your strength and yet the majority of you can’t seem to tap into it. This is alien to me.

So let’s bring you back to earth…

First and foremost I want to eradicate any misconception about women lifting weights. YOU. WILL. NOT. GET. BIG. MUSCLES! The End. Full Stop. Decimal Point. Zip. Done. Finished.

There’s a million and one different articles and blogs on women and weight training and the fear of getting jacked. Go read them. They’ll all say unless you get a little help (STEROIDS), your bodies don’t have enough testosterone to develop “gross” muscles. That’s all I’m saying on that.

So lets look at some ideas around why women stray away from resistance training or don’t tend to push past the initial “omg that’s heavy” when they first pick up a dumbbell. We’ll also go over why professional coaching is your best chance at completely understanding your strength potential.

It’s Alien To You

Sure if a bloke tried to put on a layer of foundation or tried to contour his cheek bones without someone showing him how to do it, he’d probably screw it up because we don’t have a clue of how to do it! THAT is Alien to US.

So I think a huge part of resistance training and building your strength (or realising your potential), is understanding how and why it’s done. This is where a professional is worth every cent! We will explain everything, coach you every step of the way and help you do things you probably thought you’d never be able to do.

It Hurts

Sorry… that’s the nature of the beast. You need to put yourself through hard work if you want a body that you’re proud to show off at the beach. Hold on, but didn’t we just discuss the masses of pain women endure from a whole different array of life’s “gifts”. Lifting a dumbbell or doing a push up should be a walk in the park for most of you!

Again, something a coach will be able to help you understand. We push you through the pain… and honestly from experience, you probably wouldn’t push yourself to that level without us.

It Doesn’t Feel Like I’m Burning Calories

This is a massive misconception a lot of women have when it comes to weight training. Most initial experiences of weight training for women (and men) are clumsy, uncontrolled, sub maximal effort sessions. And this is completely normal. You are putting your body through movements and loads that it is not familiar with. So of course there’s going to be knees buckling in and arms wobbling around all over the place, thus giving the impression that “it’s not doing anything”. Again

this is where a coach is perfect for you! To correct your technique and ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck. To top this, a first set of 10 reps of a Dumbbell Bench Press doesn’t really feel like the heart pumping effects of cardio. Because we are trying to train a completely different energy system and muscle fibres. And these need to be stimulated in a different way. So trust me… You’re burning calories… Just in a different way 😉

The Gym Floor Is Intimidating

Yep… It is… It’s also never going to change. Ever. There’s always going to be someone stronger, bigger, leaner, fitter, better blah blah blah… You know the funny thing about this excuse. I bet if you walked up to anyone on the gym floor and asked for help, a spot, some advice etc, you’d be surprised at how many people are keen to spill their knowledge or lend a helping hand.

Again, having a professional with you takes a lot of the stress away from having to go at it alone. We will provide a blanket of comfort and ensure you’re enjoying the process. We’re your gym buddy and we’ll make you feel like you fit right in! Yes, the gym floor is intimidating and it can feel like everyone is watching you screw up the Reverse Cable Cobra you’re attempting after watching a “how to” youtube clip… But they’re not. 90% of the time they’re watching themselves! (the other 10% is usually their cell phone.)

Cardio Is King!?

Where my cardio bunnies at!? So I’m going to estimate roughly…. hmmm….. about… 99% of my consultations with females have a point where they will turn to me and say “But cardio is the best thing for weight loss, isn’t it?”. Another misconception.

Cardio ALONE is not the best thing for weight/fat loss. Cardio mixed with a structured resistance program and well balanced diet including enough protein and healthy fats is the BEST thing for weight/fat loss. Hands down. The end. If you constantly do the same thing every day with the same diet and neglect resistance training, you’ll almost certainly have structural imbalances and reach plateaus. If you want to break through those plateaus, fix postural imbalances and build up some strength. You need to start resistance training and change up your nutrition to compliment your new training routine.

At Miyagi, we tailor your programs to suit your lifestyle and include resistance and cardio training. We also tailor make a meal plan from scratch to fit your preferences and Health and Fitness Goals. This is why a coach is priceless. We take the guess work out of building your program to get you the body you’ve always wanted!


So to conclude, regardless of your goals, your body type, your current conditioning, your misconceptions or your beliefs, if you want to have a toned, fit, and strong body you need to jump on the weights train! There’s one leaving every day, all you have to do is get on board.

For further information about how Miyagi can help you build the body of your dreams visit today and all eligible applicants will be contacted.

Author: Coach Mark Whittington
Phone: 0466 405 839

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